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Design Center

The Şişecam Glass Packaging Group holds an important place in glass packaging production both in Turkey and the world thanks to its innovative and creative approach. Since 2006 the Group has been responding to the demands of consumers and brands with unique glass packaging designs created by its Product Design Center.

The work by the Center targets the end user and involves industrial design, graphic design, and lid and cap technologies, making the Şişecam Glass Packaging Group an important solution partner at the design phase for customers seeking innovation. The innovative and creative glass packaging designs, which are the fruit of the work done jointly by a group of industrial designers, engineers, and technical experts as well as the extensive experience of the Group in this area, have won many awards at the national and international level.

56 Awards in Ten Years

One of the aims of the Product Design Center is to create high-quality designs for its customers that will receive awards at prestigious national and international competitions. Awards at international competitions such as Worldstar organized by WPO (World Packaging Organization) and AsiaStar by APF (Asian Packaging Federation) are the pride of the Şişecam Glass Packaging Group as the producer and designer as much as they are of the brands that own the products. The Product Design Center has a proven track record with 56 awards in ten years.

University – Industry Collaboration Projects

The first time Şişecam Glass Packaging collaborated with universities for glass packaging design dates back to 2004 when the Group worked with the Istanbul Technical Universities (ITU) Department of Industrial Product Design, which paved the way in later years to expanding such collaborations with the industrial design departments of other universities and turning this into a tradition.

The main aim of collaborating with universities is to introduce design students to the glittering world of glass packaging; to help them create new designs and form their design portfolio. During the project, students received information on all technical aspects and got the opportunity to personally witness glass packaging production at plants.

Collaborating universities:

  • Istanbul Technical University (ITU))
  • Middle Eastern Technical University (METU)
  • Anadolu University
  • Mimar Sinan University
  • Izmir Economics University
  • East Mediterranean University
  • Okan University
  • Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University

New Product Development Projects

The Product Design Center applies for new patents for its new product development projects and expands existing markets with its different system designs while also creating new markets. Our aim with new product development projects, which provide sustainable added value to our customers as well as our company, is to expand the market with innovative product designs.

Double-Chain Twist-Off Head

Used for the first time throughout the world, this innovative idea uses a single mould instead of two, offering an economical solution appropriate to the periodical needs of customers.

Funny Finish

The “Funny Finish” concept makes it possible to apply figures such as hearts or flowers on the mouth of the bottle, which is a quite limited area, and constitutes an answer to the claim that “what can be done in terms of form has been done already.”

Olive Oil Bottle with Aerosol Head

​This design allows olive oil to be used in a practical way at the table with a single use aerosol bottle, allowing customers to fill the glass bottles with no alteration to their filling line.


A different communication field has been created with the petite bottle, in which details such as product name and logo have been applied to the seal field, and as a next step, visual richness has been enhanced by the creation of wing-like pockets within the bottle.

In house design Unit in Russia

Şişecam Glass Packaging in-house design unit gives its customers the opportunity to materialize their ideas and adjust package both to manufacturing capabilities and in line with Russian or foreign standards applicable to glass packaging.

Our design team members are certified and remain up to date with regular training they receive including that from American Glass Research, one of the world's leading glass research institutions.

You will receive several design concepts, each one crafted in a different way to fit a range of different needs.

Our tailor-made, process-specific software creates visual 3D virtual mockups. It allows numerous changes to be made before making a final decision on a model. On top of that, gypsum models are available with our full color 3D plotter; the degree of precision is 1 mm (or 0.1 cm). With bottles taking only two days to model you will easily custom your labels and be able to evaluate early-stage packaging ideas.

Design center offers actual bottles glass thickness and impact resistance assessments at critical points and will consult you on optimal packaging weight to enhance end-user usability, reduce wastage or save on shipping costs.

​Customers seeking to save their time and ensure a perfect bottle fit to a filling line take advantage of our design center.