Why Glass

Glass is the most natural and healthy packaging material. Sand melts at 1.500° C and is made into glass packaging. Its superior properties arise from its naturalness, making it indispensable for humanity for thousands of years.

Healthy packaging for all types of food

Jams, pickles, tomato paste, mayonnaise, honey, canned vegetables, fruit compotes, fruit juices, soda, water, milk, yoghurt drinks... All types of food can be safely kept in glass packaging, because glass packaging:

  • does not change the taste, smell or aroma of the food and beverages it holds,
  • extends the shelf life of food and beverages, making them last longer,
  • does not interact chemically or microbiologically with its contents,
  • adds beauty and aesthetic quality to tables,
  • is impermeable to gas and vapor, allowing it to preserve food healthily,
  • is odorless,
  • is heat resistant and suitable for hot fill,
  • is transparent, allowing its contents to be seen. This makes it more practical than other types of packaging,
  • is truly environment-friendly. It can be recycled an infinite amount of times.

Glass is the packaging material that best deserves to be called “healthy packaging” because it increases the trust in the food and beverages it holds by not reacting with them.

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